Search Engine Marketing

What is the goal of your website? Is your website accomplishing its goal?
If you can’t answer these questions, your website is not truly getting results.

Search Engine Marketing | SEM

We try to keep Search Engine Marketing (SEM) simple and profitable to understand. However, SEM is hard work and isn't something that a large marketing agencies can control with their over your head marketing strategies and "proprietary software". It takes time and sweat to optimize your campaign and get it working the way it should be. We aren't an agency that gets paid on ad spend which creates a conflict of interest (they get paid more when you pay more - not a good relationship).

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Audience behavior
Keyword research


Develop landing pages
Develop campaigns
Ad groups / keywords


landing pages


Measure daily results
Modify settings and test
Optimize campaign

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We can target someone in your zipcode, throughout the country, or across the globe. That’s the beauty of SEM it is completely flexible to reach the exact auidence you are looking to target.

Online Reach & Visibility

There are billions of searches per month across the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ASK. Seocore will perform a visibility assessment and look at popular keywords in your industry and how you rank for them. We will provide you with this assessment with the lauch of your campaign.

Targeting Includes

Vertical – Contextual placed ads by vertical content (eg music ads on music websites) Geographical – Target ads by geo location of users Demographic – Reach the types of users that fit your core audience Behavioral – Target users based on their historical interests across a network of websites.

Flexibility & Control

Seocore controls the messaging, location targets, when and where the ads appear. We optimize our campaigns month to month and maximizing exposure while maintaining a strong ROI. We are measured on our performance and promise to provide you the most qualified traffic for the lowest cost.